11th ECHEMS - Electrochemistry in renewable energy based on molecular mechanisms


The meeting will be conducted as a single session meeting with plenary lectures, contributed lectures and poster session.

Meetings start: Monday, June 15, 2015, evening
Meetings closes: Thursday, June 18, 2015, before lunch

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Plenary Lectures

Hubert H. Girault (Lausanne)
New chemistries for electricity storage in fluid phases

Tsukasa Yoshida (Yamagata)
Solar cells from electrochemical self-assembly of inorganic/organic hybrid nanostructures

Uwe Schröder (Braunschweig)
Wired microbiology - mechanisms, facts and visions

Petr Novak (Villingen)
Interface reactions in nonaqueous batteries: A journey from 3 to 5 Volts

Francesco Paolucci (Bologna)
NanoCarbon-based Electrocatalytic Composites for the Artificial Leaf

Oral presentations (confirmed)

Niklas Heiland (Braunschweig)
Synthetic Molecules as Energy Carriers in Redox Flow Batteries

Waldemar Sauter (Braunschweig)
Electrocatalytic hydrogenation of organic molecules as a method for energy storage

Jan grosse Austing (Oldenburg)
Evaluation of the performance of a bidirectional vanadium/air redox flow battery

Michael Fleige (Copenhagen)
Electrochemical cell designs for the study of electrocatalytic oxidation of small organic molecules at elevated temperatures

Anne Westphal (Oldenburg)
Gas Diffusion Electrodes for Li/O2 Batteries: Impact of Porosity, Wettabiliy and Electrode Design

Frank Marken (Bath)
Molecular Membranes with Ionic Diode Characteristics

Derck Schlettwein (Giessen)
Influence of Dye Anchoring and Intermolecular Interaction on the Charge Injection and Recombination Kinetics in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells

Dereje Taffa (Oldenburg)
Organically modified hematite photoanodes obtained via electrochemical deposition

Inke Siewert (Göttingen)
Electrocatalytic Water Splitting by Cobalt Complexes

Hachem Dridi (Paris)
Molecular Catalysis of H2 Evolution. Diagnosing Heterolytic vs. Homolytic Pathways

Jing Shen (Leiden)
Electrocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxide and nitrate on a cobalt protoporhyrin immobilized on a pyrolytic graphite electrode

Ulrich Hintermair (Bath)
Organometallic Iridium Complexes for Highly Efficient Water Oxidation Catalysis

Dodzi Zigah (Bordeaux)
Original Dual Microelectrode for Writing and Reading with SECM

Jie Zhang (Melbourne)
Determination of the reversible potential of water oxidation catalysts under catalytic turnover condition using Fourier transformed large amplitude ac voltammetry

Martin Pumera (Singapore)
Transition Metal Dichalcogenides, Graphene and Other Layered Systems for Oxygen Reduction and Hydrogen Reduction Electrocatalysis

Turgut Sönmez
Investigation of Non-Platinum Catalysts for Low Temperature Fuel Cells

Isidoro Lopez Marin (Brest)
Low Temperature Electrochemical Evaluation of Intermediates in Oxygen Activation Processes

Dennis Roman Gallus (Münster)
New insights into the structure-property relationship of high-voltage electrolyte additives for lithium-ion batteries using a pKa value approach

Giorgia Zampardi (Bochum)
In-operando evaluation of the effect of vinylene carbonate on the insulating character of the solid electrolyte interphase

Benjamin Bergner (Giessen)
TEMPO: A molecular catalyst for rechargeable lithium oxygen batteries

Yi-Tao Long (Shanghai)
Opto-Electrochemistry on Single Nanoparticle

Emmanuel Maisonhaute (Paris)
Transient electrochemical detection of radicals created by a radiolytic pulse

Martin Jönsson-Niedziolka (Warsaw)
Photooxidation of TRIS in a Photoelectrochemical Biofuel Cell

Yan Shen (Wuhan)
Supercapacitors based on biopolymer bacterial cellulose

Vipin Kumar (Singapore)
Dependencies of redox couple in the local electrogeneration and charge transfer on two-dimensional molybdenum oxide nanosheets

Veronique Balland (Paris)
Unraveling the charge transfer/electron transport in mesoporous TiO2 films by real-time spectroelectrochemistry

Robert Hahn (Erlangen)
Semi-metallic TiO2 Nanotubes: Growth, Properties and Applications

Frederic Barriere (Rennes)
Oxygen reduction catalysis by wired microbial biofilms at cathodes: A chemolithotophic mechanism?

Tanja Vidakovic-Koch (Magdeburg)
Towards Rational Design of Bioelectrochemical Systems

Alan LeGoff (Grenoble)
Supramolecular strategies for the direct wiring of multi-copper oxidases on carbon nanotube electrodes for bioelectrocatalytic oxygen reduction

Wojciech Nogala (Warsaw)
Nanostructured Metallic Catalysts Obtained by Localized Electrorefining

Eugenio Gianessi (Bordeaux)
Hierarchical macro-mesoporous gold electrodes for the efficient electrocatalytic reduction of oxygen

Matteo Iurlo (Bologna)
Nanostructured Systems for Electrocatalysis of Oxygen Reduction Reaction

Kenneth Ozoemena (Pretoria)
Electro-oxidation of polyhydric alcohols at palladium-decorated FeCo@Fe core-shell nanocatalysts for alkaline direct alcohol fuel cells

Aihua Liu(Qingdao)
Efficient Biofuel Cell Based on Microbial Surface Displaying Enzyme and Novel Nanostructures

Line Koefoed (Aarhus)
Bifunctional Substrates Obtained by Bipolar Electrochemistry